Basic Carpet Care And Cleaning Do’s And Don’ts

Steven Penland   August 8, 2015   Comments Off on Basic Carpet Care And Cleaning Do’s And Don’ts

Do you want your carpets to have that fresh new feeling under those feet just like when you have used it for the first time? When you want your carpets to be in their tip top shape and preserve its aesthetic look proper cleaning and care should be done to ensure that the carpets keep their glam and sophistication in your home.

Here are some dos and don’ts that you have to be remind bond cleaners in Brisbane of in caring and cleaning your carpets:


  • Leave a walk-off mat on every entrance going inside the house especially where there are high amounts of soil in the area outside the house. This will limit the amount of dirt that will be brought to the carpets.
  • Invest on a high-quality vacuum cleaner because when there is carpet in the house there would be a need to regularly perform carpet cleaning. A vacuum cleaner with a powerful sucking motion makes cleaning easier and faster. Vacuuming could efficiently remove all the dirt and dust from the carpet without hurting and damaging its fabrics.
  • For more effective cleaning, check the dirt and dust bags and change them regularly.
  • It’s also best to purchase carpet cushions as they prevent the carpet from matting and crushing plus the fact that carpet cushions can effectively protect the carpets from soil and stains. Another best benefit of having carpet cushions is that it provides the rugs with ample ventilation.
  • Plan a professional carpet cleaning to keep the carpet durable and attractive for years.
  • It’s best to check the shoes before entering into a carpeted room or better yet, to remove the shoes and other footwear before stepping on the carpets.
  • When there are spills on the carpet, do clean them immediately so that staining can be prevented.


  • Don’t over-wet the carpet during the cleaning procedure because it does not completely dry, there will be a very repulsive odor plus the fact that the moisture in the carpet will attract more dirt. 
  • DO NOT rub and scrub off stains vigorously when there are stains as this may damage the fibers of the carpet plus the fact that it might just spread off the stain to a much larger portion in the carpet.
  • DO NOT use strong cleaning products as it may affect the vibrant color and design of the carpet.
  • DON’T wait for the stain to set in as it will be more difficult to remove later on.