Difference Between Domestic And Commercial Stitching Devices

Steven Penland   December 26, 2018   Comments Off on Difference Between Domestic And Commercial Stitching Devices

All the garments we wear and every other item made of cloths is a result of stitching the fabric together in different ways. While we can stitch them using our hands the more efficient way of stitching is using a device especially made for that very purpose. Anyone who is going to buy such a device is going to find that there are two main types of these stitching devices.We have the domestic stitching devices we use at homes and we have the commercial stitching devices such as the Brother industrial sewing machine. They are mainly used for professional purposes. There are differences between these two devices. You need to know them if you are planning on buying a stitching device.


Flexibility of this apparatus refers to the things you can sew using this device or the kind of stitching work you can do using it. Usually, a domestic one is created to allow you to do a little bit of everything. You can stitch garments using it as well as cloth bags. It comes with all kinds of stitching patterns you might need. A commercial stitching device is different than that. Usually, they only offer you the chance to stitch a certain type of things and use only a limited number of patterns. However, programmable commercial grade stitching devices can be quite flexible and easy to use in a professional atmosphere.

Hours of Operation

A domestic stitching device is targeted to people who want to stitch something once in a while and who think about using the device only a couple of hours per day. Every industrial sewing machine for sale is built to even work non-stop the whole day. They come with bigger and stronger motors that can work for long hours. They are built for professional work.

Quality of the Work

Usually, the work of a commercial stitching device holds a higher quality. You will see each of the stitches being well balanced, neat and strong. Though a domestic device will create a neat outcome they are not going to be as high quality as their commercial counterpart.


A good quality domestic stitching device is always going to be low in price when compared to a high quality commercial stitching device. Knowing these differences can help you choose the right stitching device for your need. If you are looking for a stitching device for professional work you should choose the commercial one. For normal every day needs you should choose the domestic stitching device.