Hangers; highlights of alternative uses

Steven Penland   April 14, 2015   Comments Off on Hangers; highlights of alternative uses

Objects that can be used to perform other things apart from their original intended use are often preferable than those that can be used for only one purpose. Different people therefore, such as handymen, will prefer objects and items that can be used for a myriad of other purposes without necessarily compromising the ability of that particular item to perform its original intended function. Hangers are one of the items that can be used to perform several other things apart from hanging clothes. Ideally hangers are mainly used for hanging clothes depending on the type of hanger in question. One hanger may be engineered for hanging skirts for example while another type such as baby hangers may be made such as to hang baby clothes only.

If one is interested in accumulating hangers that can be put to alternative uses, choice becomes of importance. A wooden hanger for example, will hardly have any other uses apart from hanging clothes; this however is something that is dependent on ones creativity as that is the only limiting factor that can influence alternative use, or lack of alternative use of any particular thing in question. Wire coat hangers as compared to wooden hangers can be used for many more other purposes. It is common place for thieves who are interested in stealing cars that are not modern in terms of security to use wire sourced from hangers made of wire. In the case of the welding industry, where there may be a lack of welding rods, wire sourced from a hanger can be used in place of the welding rod to the same effect. When all is said and done; the fact is that wires have very many uses in different industries, from the electricity industry to the building industry.

Provided one is creative enough, the wire from hangers can be used in many cases and scenarios. It can be used to complete electric circuits in the absence of wires, it was common place for drivers to use hangers as replacement radio antennas in vehicles; this offered the same functionality in terms of one being able to listen to the car radio while minimizing the cost of having to purchase a new antenna. This however, came at the price of having to forego a little aesthetic quality in one’s automobile, but for drivers who utilized hangers in this manner, aesthetics were not of great concern either way. Use of hangers made of wire has the downside of the fact that most of its alternative uses will nearly always end up spoiling the hanger in question hence making the hanger useless in terms of its original use of hanging clothes. Hangers can also be used for drying wet clothes; a wet coat in the case of one being rained on can be effectively dried by using metal coat hangers appropriately. This will maintain the shape of the coat and prevent creasing. Hangers; for clothing use or otherwise, have the advantage of coming in different materials and shapes and in effect, different prices.