How To Cater To A Corporate Stationery Need

Steven Penland   August 17, 2015   Comments Off on How To Cater To A Corporate Stationery Need

Different companies have varying needs when it comes to corporate stationery and as a vendor or supplier, the more versatility that can be offered in terms of material, design and variety of items, the more demand will be seen from a stationery vendor. For a corporation or a business entity, at the time of selecting a vendor who can supply stationery, certain factors are considered such as the types, design features, the amount that can be handled at a time, security and reliability and re ordering ease.

Design requirements


For a stationery company that is catering to a business, they need to understand the design aspects of the stationery that a corporate orders. Nowadays, most advertising agencies deal with stationery vendors for supplies like best eftpos paper rolls, letterheads, brochures and other prints as each and every stationery and printed media needs to be coordinated with the brand logo and graphic design elements which need to be similar in all corporate stationery and merchandise. In order to build the image of a business, consistency needs to be maintained in the images, logos and other design aspects that are part of the branding initiatives of a company.

Differing needs

Every business has certain standard stationery item requirements for business communications as well as other unique needs which might be part of the business operations. For that reason, eftpos paper rolls might be needed by some, but not by everyone. Again, some businesses need pamphlets to be printed while others will want more brochures to be printed. Fliers, printed ads, docket books and others are varied items that are used in different businesses as per their business model.

Security features

Nowadays branding and logo designs are considered to be properties of a business which are registered and trademarked. Hence, certain built in security measures are often required in business stationery like watermarks or holograms. These help to ensure that these items cannot be easily duplicated and used by other businesses. Stationery vendors who offer the right technology for security features in stationery might be sought out by these businesses.

Convenience factors

When corporates or ad agencies are looking to tie up with a vendor for stationery supplies, they look for ease of use, professionalism, design capabilities and superior printing technology options. Today, more and more corporations are keen to explore sustainable materials to be used as stationery in order to reduce the use of paper. Hence, recyclable materials which are used as well as eco friendly and sustainable materials like bamboo for printing are being offered by several vendors to the clients as possible solutions for use as stationary and print media solutions in this day and age.