Image Building With Uniforms

Steven Penland   April 29, 2015   Comments Off on Image Building With Uniforms

A uniform speaks about a brand’s image. In the hospitality industry, it does much more.

Everybody agrees that a good first impression is everything in the hospitality industry. If a restaurant or hotel has unclean interiors, discourteous staff and inferior quality of food, it will lose customers and business fairly quickly. However, even if the establishment gets all these points right, it might still falter on one basic element – employee uniforms. Employee’s uniforms convey a lot in the hospitality industry. Hence, they must be selected with care and worn with pride. You can visit this great site for more of quality hospitality uniforms.

Building the brand’s image
As such, hospitality uniforms are representative of the establishment and what it stands for. A five star hotel, for example, will have an all-formal dress code for its employees, with the men donning suits and the women donning either formal Western wear or the traditional dress of the country. At the other end of the scale, a fast food restaurant will have its employees wearing informal attire such as jeans and a T-shirt with a common colour. Again, the airline staff will wear traditional clothing because they want to reflect their country’s cultural heritage. The establishment will dress its employees in a way as to reflect its ethos.

How is the brand built?
Normally, brands will dress their employees in company colours. If the brand’s colours are green and beige, for example, the best hospitality uniforms might be green shirts and beige trousers for all employees, irrespective of gender. This way, customers have immediate brand connect with the company when they see the company’s colours reflected on the employees’ uniforms. This is a great way to build brand connect – by building top-of-the-mind recall.

Other ways to brand, the company is to have quirky slogans on the T-shirt, or to wear badges bearing the company logo, or wristbands in the company colours.

How does wearing a uniform to help?
Companies opine that the simple act of donning a uniform puts an employee into the frame of mind to be attentive at work. A uniform is synonymous with the workplace, and it brings along with it its own set of correct behavioural rules. Employees wearing uniforms are psychologically in the frame of mind to be more responsible in the workplace. In contrast to this, some fast food joints that do not insist on uniforms but only ask the staff to wear aprons, report lazy work attitudes among employees.

However, employees cannot be trusted to respect the uniform they have been given. If the establishment does not lay down the law about cleanliness and general hygiene, employees will disrespect the uniform fairly quickly. The employer cannot allow employees to turn up in dirty, unwashed and creased uniforms.