Keep Your House Tidy And Hygienic At Ease

Steven Penland   July 16, 2015   Comments Off on Keep Your House Tidy And Hygienic At Ease

As the festivities start creeping into your house, your house seems to scream for “clean up”. Other than festivities, when guests and your yearly family visitors ring up for their visit, the cleanliness begins. A household may be cleaned often, but window and door cleansing might only happen during these festivities.

Maintaining the beauty of your home is not easy:

Window cleaning of your house is the most tedious job when it comes to sqic and span. Removing the dirt probably of the entire year is a next to impossible; therefore, cleaning it often however tedious has been necessary.

Products that may come handy:

It’s better to undergo a proper survey in different stores for a cleanup agent for your window. You may consider ingredients from your kitchen for domestic window cleaning:



Epsom Salt

Vinegar or alcohol

Water-vinegar solution in 1:1 ratio is an effective home remedy

Club soda can also be used as a home remedy

Acid or alkaline (do not use both of them together). Using both causes a neutralizing effect which does not remove the dirt.

Using the ingredients from your kitchen, is not only budget-friendly, but is also highly effective!

Heat can ruin all your hard work!

Working on a cloudy day is the best as the sun may dry up the solution or the cleaning agent quicker which makes your job even more difficult. To make a perfect cleansing, the following procedures are recommended:

Wipe the excess dirt with a dry cloth or squeegee before using the water.

Spray your window with the cleaning solution.

Now you can clean them with a squeegee but the blade has to be cleaned with every stroke.

It is better to clean the interior and the exterior glass separately with different strokes.

Newspaper can be used to clean, it is quite cheap and convenient, but once the newspaper dries up it may leave some remains but can be removed with cotton later.

A greater shine can be achieved with the help of a blackboard eraser.

For stubborn stain removal:

Use a blunt razor or scraper to remove the stain after wetting it.

Scrape it carefully so that it does not scratch.

Removing dirt from your external window becomes hectic. So, self-cleaners if fitted to external windows that can help you lower your stress.

Self Cleaners are very effective if you are handling it alone!

Self-cleaners break down the organic residue on the glass by the Ultraviolet Rays and washed off when it rains. A coating that is present in these self-cleaners have a hydrophilic, which allows the rain to wash off all the dirt. If it does not rain simply splashing water with a garden hose will be effective.