Manuel Labour

Steven Penland   March 18, 2015   Comments Off on Manuel Labour

Work wear is considered the realm of all those people who use their bodies in physical activities during a normal working day, they work up a sweat and strain muscles to get the job done. It is all those people who have to wear a specific uniform to work or the high visibility gear, they are not the people who wear suits to work every day and working up a sweat means going to the gym or the daily run. The sweat is recreational not labour intensive. Even though a suit can be considered as a type of huski workwear in the working world, in terms of how it is seen, this apparel is referred to as corporate wear and so really cannot be placed under the same heading as all those uniforms that the rest of us have to put up with.

There is another difference, most of us during our working lives have had to wear the most hideous clothing because it is the work uniform, it is compulsory and there is no getting out of it. Whereas if you are in the corporate world then you get to choose the outfits you wear, sure they might be more expensive but then you have better wages as well and you get to have clothing that complements your looks, not something that looks like you are wearing a flour sack. Once the job ends you are left with a wardrobe of clothing that you can wear to different occasions and it won’t look out of place, the rest of us are left with a wardrobe full of shirts, skirts and long pants whose colours are beyond description and the only place they would look half way normal is in a circus act.

Unfortunately the circus doesn’t hire people simply because they have the appropriate uniform all ready to go, you actually need to have some skill when it comes to the circus, in activities that require best jonsson workwear online and a lowered sense of personal safety. Not to mention being able to deal with animals that could eat you in one bite or sit on you and turn you into a pancake, it is a lifestyle that has appeal only to those that like to roam around and are used to hard, hard work. This is the thing about a uniform, once you start wearing it, you become a faceless working drone like the rest of the workforce, sure everyone has a different uniform but it is what a uniform does that is important. It takes away some of your individuality, you can feel the difference as soon as you put it on, you put away a little bit of your personality, so that you can deal with customers all day and the uniform helps you do this, the problem is that if you so this every day, one day you are going to wake up and not be able to find that little piece of yourself, it will be gone forever.