Product Packaging – How To Choose The Right Packaging For Your Shipment

Steven Penland   July 3, 2015   Comments Off on Product Packaging – How To Choose The Right Packaging For Your Shipment

Manufacturers, while packing their products before dispatch, should consider many aspects due to the compliance requirements, and the complex supply chain in today’s world. Hence, choosing the right type of packaging products has become necessary for easy and safer supply and delivery of the products all around the globe.

Finding the Right Packaging Product
Apart from choosing the right packaging suppliers, there are many ways to choose the right packaging for your company products. Some are listed below.

Select Eco-friendly Materials
Packing boxes that are manufactured using corn-starch based or cardboard materials are the most suggested packaging. They are not only eco-friendly but do not release harmful chemicals when you recycle or discard them. You can find many worldwide packaging suppliers for the best quality products.

Follow the Relevant Regulations
When it comes to shipping your products worldwide, there are many regulations that should be followed since the shipment that do not comply with the rules will be shipped back, delayed, charged extra to proceed further, etc. Hence, experts always suggest familiarizing with the regulations of that particular country before shipping your manufactured goods overseas.

Stay Alert about the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Initiatives
The complete lifecycle that a product goes through becomes the responsibility of the manufacturers and hence, the government of many countries have instituted EPR, in order to keep the manufacturers conscious about their goods. Most of the companies have started including reverse logistics and return packaging on every product that they manufacture and dispatch. This feature helps their target customers to return the products including electronic goods to the company, instead of planning to toss them off, see this great wholesale packaging supplies.

Check for the Receiving, Handling, Labelling and Inspection Requirements
While packaging and dispatching the products, your shipping companies should take care of basic and necessary requirements such as safe handling, inspection and finally labelling the goods.
Reusable Designs
Reusable packaging materials are designed in such a way that multiple usages will not harm the quality of the products used in manufacturing them. While initiating the returns policy or reverse logistics, the shipping companies always prefer reusable packaging materials because of their durability.

Mode of Transportation
As you already know, the shipment will be exposed to multiple environment, climatic conditions, temperatures, etc, till they reach their destination. Hence, it becomes mandatory that you choose right and rigid packaging material since shipping from one handle to another might damage the quality of the product.

The important factor to consider before shipping your product is to find the reliable and authentic shipping companies with years of experience. Such companies can guarantee with safeguarding your products till they reach your target customers.