The Perfect Proposal

Steven Penland   November 9, 2015   Comments Off on The Perfect Proposal

Asking the woman of your dreams to spend the rest of her life with you as your wife is a big step and huge mile stone in both of your lives. When you do ask her the big question, you will want the moment to be absolutely perfect. The perfect proposal doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money but it does however, involve a lot of planning.

The engagement band
One of the most important and must do traditions of a proposal is to offer your beautiful girlfriend a ring when you pop the question. Start looking for the perfect ring well in advance, you do not want to rush in it. It is important to remember that she will be wearing this ring for the rest of her life and although buying her a twenty four carat gold ring is pretty and glamourous now, it may not serve its ultimate purpose of lasting her a life time as twenty four carat gold is not as durable as one might think. Insteat you may opt for a 14k white gold ring that will be durable and serve the purpose of being incredibly beautiful at the same time.

As you have known your bride to be for a while now, you are likely to know what kind of jewellery and accessories she likes. Remember that not all women want to have a large diamond on their finger. Some women prefer to have a simple band ring similar to a wedding ring while some women prefer a more glamorous band ring. Have a jeweler make a 14k white gold ring in a design that you feel would suit your girlfriend’s personality best.

The perfect setting
Once you have gotten her ring, start planning the setting at which you would want to propose. It is important to make certain that you choose a place that has special meaning to your girlfriend and special meaning to your relationship. This could be the first place you went out on a date or the place you shared your first kiss. Once you have chosen the place you will propose, start working on the details. Think about all things she loves the most, her favourite music, her favourite food and her favourite drink. Depending on whether it is financially viable, you may opt to have a band or a violinist playing her faourite music in the background while a chef prepares her favourite food. Do not be afraid to stick to tradition if she is a traditional kind of girl. Work with candles, roses and if she loves animals, have an animal give her the note with the big question.