The Role Of Government In Transportation

Steven Penland   August 30, 2018   Comments Off on The Role Of Government In Transportation

Through our experiences, , billions of dollars worth of properties damaged, and the countless lives taken we have witnessed the power of earth and how it is being intensified by climate change. We are already aware of how it come into effect, of the faults that we have done, and as to how we can manage and solve the problem. If we do not take action on reversing its effects, then it is only a matter of time before we suffer even more. Our government can only do so much, it is up to us as individuals to do our part.

There are so many things that the government is doing in order to function all its duties that the public demands to have and what they need the most. For the government to be as efficient as they can, they need to break down those duties by placing leaders to every department. This has always been an effective method, because a Prime Minister nor a President can do all the things at the same time, nor does he have all the necessary skills and knowledge to do the tasks of all the executive branch.

One of the backbone for the department of transportation is the shadow minister for transport that is responsible for closely and constantly monitory the work of the government as well as individual ministers. Through such scrutiny, they are able to find the loopholes and negative effects of what the works have done after a policy’s implementation or even before it gets implemented. Thus, the policy is well developed by being able to assess the both the pros and cons of the policy, and would be a big impact as to whether or not the policy should be implemented or should continue to implement.

Necessary function

The shadow minister needs to constantly scrutinize the work of the ministry that they are into so that they will be able to fully understand the duties, responsibilities, and functions of a minister if they become one. They have to be able to find the best solutions for public transport in ways that the public demands to have, or what they believe is necessary for the public to have.For instance, if there is a motion to provide more buses for public transportation in order to lessen the carbon emission coming from the mass usage of cars. The shadow minister, being that of the opposition, should properly evaluate the motion wherein they would suggest other means to find a better solution or best one there is to lessen carbon emission that greatly contributes to climate change. Visit this link for more info on public transport Kilsyth