Thinking Of Starting A Food Truck?

Steven Penland   December 7, 2015   Comments Off on Thinking Of Starting A Food Truck?

Or a small cafe? Or even a large restaurant? The foundation upon which the execution of your dream of owning and running a successful food business is built is none other than the appliances and utensils that you use in your cooking. Devoid of high quality, energy efficient and reliable equipment, and you will eventually be unable to run your business smoothly.

Where does one acquire good quality equipment in Australia? This is where we come in, with our years of experience of not only the supply of the highest quality commercial catering equipment in Brisbane, we can also custom build the perfect appliances for you. Customizing in order to tailor to your exact needs goes as far as the type of fuel that is used, the materials used in the construction of the appliances and even the dimensions and the colours of your appliance! What’s more attractive than a cooker that is made in accordance with the theme of your restaurant or food truck?

Our wide range of appliances include deep fryers, oil filtering machines, all types of ovens which include pizza ovens, griddles, toasters and grills and even teppanyaki grills and portable hot water urns. We’ve got it all.

And if we don’t have it already, we will make it for you!

Our products comply with the highest Australian food safety standards, and are built to be energy efficient and long lasting. After all, if your appliances consume large quantities of fuel, the bottom line of your business will plummet leaving you with little or no profit at the end of the day. In our vision, we believe that this is far from being conducive to starting up and building a successful eatery.

We have a large customer base, who are highly satisfied with the commercial oven that they use that were designed and constructed by us. The uses of these equipment has not been limited to stationary restaurants and cafes, or even to a mobile food truck.

We have custom built equipment especially for those who are engaged in providing food at house parties or other private parties. Equipment that is used for this needs to be compact and portable enough to transport, in addition to being easy to set up in any location. They should also ideally be attractive and pleasing to the eye, lest the effect of the entire party be compromised.

We are confident in saying that we are your best option for great cookware in Australia. If the exact product that you require is not already on our extensive catalog, do please talk to us, because it is just a matter of designing and constructing the perfect appliance just for you.