Three Questions To Answer Before Buying Your First Air Compressor

Steven Penland   July 13, 2015   Comments Off on Three Questions To Answer Before Buying Your First Air Compressor

Interested in the most reliable air compressor service in your area? It is highly recommended to figure what to actually pay attention to before making a final choice. Most services tend to commercialize and provide installation services. Sure, installation is needed if you purchase large units for industrial facilities. Otherwise, chances are you can handle your compressor with a friend or by yourself – depending on its size and weight. All in all, no matter how easy it seems to get a compressor, paying attention to every single detail can be quite challenging.
There are a few questions to ask yourself and narrow your selections a little. So, what should you know before reaching to the closest air compressor service?
Evaluating your needs before getting to an air compressor service
How long do you plan to use the air compressor? Basically, you have to ask yourself what kind of durability you expect from this unit air compressors for sale Answering this question depends on your actual necessities. If you only plan to use this compressor on small garage and DIY projects, you most likely require a small consumer product. Some of these units do not even use oil though. On the other hand, using the compressor on a daily basis demands more power and strength. The same goes for heavy industrial uses. At this point, a professional grade model is more appropriate. You got a larger tank, as well as a larger motor. Twin tanks also make a good choice.
Where do you hope to use this compressor? The location might look irrelevant at first, yet it is extremely important to prevent frustrating moments. Consider the place. Will you have to move the compressor from one spot to another? Is it going to stay in one spot only? It depends on the construction, size and arrangement. If you have to move it too much, you need a portable air compressor. Make sure that you do not sacrifice its performance though. Sure, a small model is easy to carry around. But then, if it cannot power your tools, it becomes worthless. Moreover, it can seriously cause a lot of frustration.
Should it be smaller or bigger? Every air compressor service in the world will recommend a slightly larger unit than a slightly smaller one. Everyone would like a portable unit, yet these things have small tanks and low cfm. The motor will be overused, but it will also require more energy. As a direct consequence of overusing the machine, the motor will burn out in no time. A small and cheap model will not save you any money or time, despite the first impression.