Understanding How The Premium Rate Services Works

Steven Penland   August 26, 2015   Comments Off on Understanding How The Premium Rate Services Works

Premium rate services are phone lines that callers can call if they want to talk to a live person, watch a video, listen to a recorded message, download contents to their mobile phones and computers and many other more.

They are controlled by premium numbers provider that connects the telephone marketer to the service provider who will give the advertised service. These numbers usually start with 0908, 0909 or other 0900 numbers. Callers are charged with the time span that they have used during the service. The usual charges of these services are from £4 to £150 depending on the type of service that was offered.

The international premium rate numbers usually costs, higher compared to using a normal call. The revenue of these services is then parted out between the information providers or who is someone who made the advertisement service, the telephone marketer and the service provider.

Callers usually get a premium rate number in Philippines at authorized service providers. All the numbers always start with a 09 which has a higher rate of charges compared to the other countries.

These services are regulated by an authorized company by the government. They handle the complaints of the callers if they are charged with extreme about of money or if they were not informed by the service provider themselves, also check this if you want to buy premium rate numbers.

Usual complaints against advertised services
The authorized company usually handles complaints about:
• Offensive contents that are found in the services
• Missing information about the service or if the service provider misled you during the advertisement
• If the operation was not followed by the stated period of competitions or if the service didn’t end automatically after the advertisement
• If you’re interested in using a service by the premium numbers provider; they must:
• State how much it will cost you if you use their services in messages or calls during in a span of time
• State the service’s minimum cost if you ever try one
• If you get a premium rate number in Philippines they should state the basis of their offered subscription and how much will be the charges for all the repeats.
It is important that you read all the details of the international premium rate numbers advertisements. This is to ensure that you understand the amount of the charges and time span of each subscription.

If you receive a text message about a service or if you heard it from someone and it has no supporting details about the cost and time of subscription, then it is advised that you do not use this service. This is to avoid any costs that you do not want to have in your bill.