Understanding The Functioning Of SaaS

Steven Penland   September 16, 2015   Comments Off on Understanding The Functioning Of SaaS

Those who go into business soon find that they need to market their products and services to be able to succeed. Then again they soon find out that marketing is not as straight forward as people may think. It becomes even harder when you have to struggle to market something that people cannot see. It even becomes harder when marketing something that only a few companies may be interested in.

That is what happens when you start using SaaS. It may seem like an easy way to get your marketing sort but actually, the easy aspect only comes at the end. That is after you have finished doing the underground work and setting everything to be ready for the market. For SaaS solutions like those offered by Netsuite to work, those involved have to be trained. That is why there are many Netsuite Training available for those interested online. That said, what is SaaS?

What is SaaS?

System as a Service (SaaS) is a way of accessing software thorough the internet instead of the software being purchased outright and installed at your office. This means that while you are making use of software, you do not have direct control over its installation and management. Some place somewhere, this software is being managed for all of you clients located all over the world. This is why they are also referred to as web based applications. This is a great way of freeing you and your staff to handle other core business activities. 

Characteristics of SaaS

To better understand SaaS and how it works, think of an ATM machine that serves millions of customers with different needs but manages to keep each customer’s information protected. That is how SaaS works. Some characteristics of SaaS are discussed below.
• It has a multitenant architecture in which many customers shares a single platform from which different accounts can work without interfering with each other. This platform is centrally located and managed by the Saas Provider.

• Since SaaS is cloud based and customer defined, each customer can customize their own interface without any disturbance to other customers. This also allows the provider of the service to be able to make upgrades easily.

• SaaS harnesses the customer web making it possible for product upgrades to be done by a simple click. This is a far cry from what used to happen in the past where it took weeks and sometimes months for the software used by businesses to be upgraded.

• Data can be accessed from any network without any risk of compromising security. The system makes it easy to manage the different access allowed to different customers. As such it is programmed in a way that each customer gets access to the same information at any point in time based on their subscription.