Vital Information About Unitized Curtain Walling For Commercial Buildings

Steven Penland   March 2, 2018   Comments Off on Vital Information About Unitized Curtain Walling For Commercial Buildings

If you are in the planning process of the construction a commercial building, the quality of the outcome depends on the choices that you make. One of the major concerns that you should be having about the construction is the structure of the building. If you are working on a multistory building that is used for commercial purposes, one of the major choices that you can make is to choose unitised curtain walling that will support the building and keep the building standing up opposing weather extremities. Here are some of the most vital information about unitised curtain walling for commercial buildings: 

The Benefits of Unitised Curtain Walling 

When it comes to installing a unitised curtain wall, only 30% of the work is done on the construction site and the rest is done in the factory. Hence, it will bring about a list of benefits such improved control of the quality, faster installations and lessened need for labour, there is no need to use scaffolding, it is best to be used for tower buildings and can be installed from indoors, not much space is required for the layout as well. You can learn more here

Avoids the Transfer of Sounds Across Floors 

If you are have decided to install a unitised curtain wall systemyou have the chance of eliminating the sounds from travelling from one floor to another due to the linking gaskets dividing the unitized panels. Depending on the materials that used, the levels of acoustics will differ. Therefore, make sure that you do your research on it.  

Choose the Ideal Design for the Building 

When you are using unitised curtain walling, you have the chance to choose between different designs that range from parallel open windows to top hung windows. With these systems installed, you are also given the ease of adding in sun screening systems, infill panels and spandrel panels.  

Depending on the choices that you make, you can select different thermal performance and insulation options for the building so that comfort and the safety of the building can be adjusted in the right manner without having to spend more money on it. Therefore, make sure that you do your research to make the right choice.  

Ideal for the Aesthetical Appeal 

An important concern of every building is the aesthetical appeal. When you use unitised curtain walls, you have the chance to bring about different kinds of aesthetical effects such as modular glazing or structural sealed glazing. Depending on the outcome that you are expecting to have, make sure that you make the right choice.