Where To Find The Pests In Your New Home

Steven Penland   November 13, 2018   Comments Off on Where To Find The Pests In Your New Home

Having a newly renovated home or transferring to a new house can be exciting as they unfold a new chapter in their lives. However, it may be somewhat surprising for them on the long run as they may be unaware of the more severe issues lurking behind their houses particularly the pest problems.Pests such as termites, rodents, and wildlife may cause severe and costly damage to homes if left unattended. They can also carry health risks; hence it is necessary to distinguish potential pest issues to avoid dealing with the same problem later.Here are the spots where potential pest issues are found with the help of a qualified pest inspector:


Check for scratching noises coming from under the floor or behind walls and see for signs of rodent nests in cabinets, pantries, and behind appliances. Chewed or gnawed wiring may indicate the presence of rodents.


Termites are easily spotted on mud tubes on the exterior foundation, basement walls, and crawl spaces. They are also found beneath the surfaces of the wood making the house structure sound hollow when you knock on it. Decks and wooden fence posts are also at risk of termite attacks. The minute you spot termites or any termite devastation sign in your homes, it is time seek professional help.


Insects could use access to gain entry inside your homes through the holes or openings of your houses. Watch out for yards, too, where the fire ant mounds usually stay. If it makes you uneasy, contact the rodent control in Adelaide experts to have these unwanted creatures expelled.

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants will look for softened wood to infest; if you notice signs of wet or moisture damaged timber, it may be a good idea to have a pre purchase pest inspection Adelaide Hills done before buying. These pests can hollow out wood, similar to termites, which can be costly to repair. In areas where carpenter ants are active, you may notice piles of what looks like sawdust near their entry holes.


These bugs are great at hiding in several spots like the sleeping mattress, sofas, behind switches and even under the wallpaper. Apart from this, these bugs are known to be one of the most challenging pests to manage as they could stay alive without food for a long time. It is difficult to get away with these undesirable creatures without the help of the specialists as the bloodsuckers are evaluated as a standout amongst the hardest to be exterminated.These are a few areas where these unpleasant creatures could be located. It is best to hire professional services because do-it-yourself (DIY) and precautionary measures don’t pay off that well once the property is infested. During such situations, pest controls and treatments by experts is a must.