Why Employee Screening Needs To Be Done

Steven Penland   July 21, 2015   Comments Off on Why Employee Screening Needs To Be Done

Today most employers wish to verify the information that an employee presents in his or her resume. As the information on a resume might be fraudulent, this needs to be verified when someone is being offered employment. In many cases a potential employee is made the job offer but he or she needs to sign an agreement in their joining papers that, if any information they have provided is found to be incorrect, their employment will stand cancelled.

Getting screening done
The kind of background check that is done on an individual can be varied. It will depend on the factors that are considered necessary by an employer, for a management employee, verifying that his or her MBA degree is genuine needs to be verified as well as getting a reference from the previous employer. These are some of the valuable points that need to be checked in order to understand the true past of the person with respect to his or her career.

Verifying the educational background
In many background check processes there are checks done at different levels, many companies usually hire third party service providers who can get the necessary information from different sources. For those who are concerned about the educational background being genuine of an applicant, can seek the information to be verified by the service provider. Usually the service provider has linkage with government databases and systems from where these records can be drawn up and verified.

Getting past employment verified
Some employers are usually not bothered much about the educational background of a person but they wish to verify the grounds on which a person left the last organization. Usually people resign from a service but there could be instances of being terminated which is posed as a resignation. If an applicant had been terminated from his or her job due to lack of competency or for any wrong doing, this needs to be known by the next employer. For that reason, reference checks with previous organizations are important for most employers.

Checking for criminal record
Most employers are wary about a person being employed who might have a criminal record. This usually reflects the character of the individual and whether or not he or she is trust worthy. For those who are applicant for a finance position or even as a cashier or clerk in an accounts department, knowing the reliability of the person and a feedback on his or her character is important. For that reason, a reference check with the previous employer as well as ensuring that one does not have a criminal record is a necessity which is done through competent security or surveillance services.